Thursday, 29 August 2013

Insync Review

Had to rebuild my Netbook this weekend. I gave up on Windows a while back, and have not regretted moving to Linux one bit. This latest PC is built using Ubuntu 12.4.  One utility that I am finding really useful is Insync ( These days, all my data including my wildlife records database,  survey forms, and map references all reside on Google Drive. Insync is a really easy way to seamlessly integrate Google Drive onto my desktop, and guess what? It works on Linux too, so I'm more than happy.

Very easy to download and install. The Insync icon now resides on my desktop panel, telling me that my Google Drive is up to date with my PC. Recent changes I have made are listed, and uploading to the cloud couldn't be simpler: Just drag files into the insync Google Drive folder.

10/10, well worth checking out,

Best Wishes,

ps. check back soon for some bird news as the Autumn Migration period starts to enter full swing!