Monday, 4 March 2013

Waxwings drop in

About 200 yards from the kitchen window is a row of Oak trees on the edge of the village. I have often scanned these trees during the last 4 years and never seen anything of note. This all changed on sunday though, when a flock of birds landed in the uppermost branches. Something didn't quite feel right, and through the Binocs, they had a Waxwing feel to them, even though they were just too far to confirm.
Fortunately, they stayed put while I got my scope and tripod out of the car and got nice views of 19 waxwings all sitting tight.

Funnily enough I had thought I heard a Waxwing in the morning, but scanning around the garden only revealed a Greenfinch. "Must have imagined it", I thought. Maybe I did, but a funny coincidence.

Sadly the real Waxwings turned up just as my Sunday lunch was being served, so I didn't get a chance to pursue them for closer views with my camera. Still, a pretty cool addition to the "seen from the house" list which now stands at a fairly respectable 73, and is missing one or two potentially easy species such as Stock Dove, Linnet, and most Waders and Wildfowl which should eventually take it towards 80.