Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Early November Vis-mig

A couple of sessions of vis-mig over the weekend. Badminston is quite frustrating as it is obviously right beneath a migration flightpath.. Finches, Hirundines and Thrushes pass right over my head, and Corvids, Woodpigeons and other species all pass within recording range.. there just doesn't seem to be a great deal using the flightpath! Results from Friday 2nd November at the link below:

I may try an alternative survey spot North of the Fawley power station to see if more birds divert North around the refinery then across the New Forest. (Badminston catches the migration filtering between the refinery and the power station). The alternative spot would also have the advantage of being closer to Southampton Water, so birds moving along the coast would be picked up.

I also ran my Sound recorder overnight on Thursday 1st November and picked up:

28 Redwings
5 Song Thrushes

Plus Robin and Tawny Owl present.

Finally the Kingfisher is still present along the brook outside the house. Heard a couple of times on Saturday.