Saturday, 25 August 2012

Dog walks and vis mig

* Wheatear and Spotted Flycatcher brightens up local dog walks
* Tree Pipit signals a new era for my "Vis Mig."

Spending more time around the village taking our dog for a walk lately. He's old enough to go on longer walks now, and it gives me a chance to at least check out the habitat around the village. in the last month just a Wheatear and a family of Spotted Flycatchers to show for several miles of walks! Hoe Lane is starting to look a bit better now with the fields being harvested.

Have also spent a couple of mornings at my closest area of coast, which is Lepe and Calshot. Again, nothing out of the ordinary but a ramping up of Terns and WEaders in the last week or two. I've also been checking out Badminston with a view to vis. mig. later in the Autumn. My walks in the area last year certainly showed the area to have potential with clouds of Woodpigeons, and on one occasion a passage of Crossbills. Finding a suitable vantage point, other than the chimneys at Fawley isn't easy, but I think I've stumbled on somewhere slightly uncomfortable, but with a good 270 degree view. An hour or so in the rain this morning got me a flyover Tree Pipit, and two Stock Doves.