Saturday, 11 February 2012

From the archives - Black Brant

Seems a few of my recent Surfbirds blog posts got lost in migration to Blogger..

The tail end of 2011 will be remembered for a couple of great finds at Lepe: A Black Brant, (a lifer for me) found amongst the Dark-Bellied Brents at Lepe car park. Black Brant is always a bird I have looked out for (and frequently dipped many years ago in Norfolk!). Great to get a stunning individual on film..

Black Brant, Lepe, 12/11/11 Black Brant, Lepe, 12/11/11

This weas followed the next weekend, at the same location, by a Turkey Vulture! probably THE heart stopping moment of my birding life as it looked to have no jesses, and we had just come off the back of a very strong weather system from the USA. However, close cropping of the camera gave away it's captive origin as a leather strap was present on both ankles.
Turkey Vulture (Escaped), Lepe, Hampshire 20/11/11 Turkey Vulture (Escaped), Lepe, Hampshire 20/11/11. Jesses just about visible